Thursday, April 9, 2009

Answer to Antoine

My reaction to Antoine’s comment on my previous thread :


First of all, it is the first time I comment on your blog. Bravo for your courage and stating where you stand – even though, I don’t always agree, I appreciate your frankness and openness. Regarding the terms of sale of the current campaign, would you say that if prices offered by our clients for a Classified Growth vary drastically between
wine merchants, then the “appropriate conditions” are not met to “attract customers”???

Antoine, I am not so frank and open… and I certainly don’t have the innate knowledge of everything taking place in Bordeaux microcosm, or the world.
In any case, a fast campaign was announced and it is starting on the wrong foot!

The release of Angelus 2008 which is, for me, one of the 15 best wines in Bordeaux, didn’t start any buzz. Is the small world of wine merchants still under the surprise created by the quality of many 2008 in Bordeaux?
Is it due to available stocks of 2006/2007, the lack of money, waiting for the 1st growths to be released? They usually set the tone as far as prices are concerned – acceptable or not to our clients?!
Is it the way prices are proposed in Bordeaux? It is the same price whether you buy 1 case or 100.
Is it the recommended price for various distribution segments?
So many questions, so few answers. As usual, offer and demand, as well as trust will be judged at the end of the campaign.
For the rest… please consult Irma.

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