Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Miracle !

In Rue de la République (formerly known as Rue de l’Abbé Bergey), next to our town hall, there is a public (or council) housing project, which also faces Rue Guadet.
This housing project, in itself, is already a bit surprising that every time I pass in front of it with clients, visitors, journalists… I point out to the beautiful stone building with gothic windows and say: “look, this is our housing project!”
However, a detail I noticed bothered me every time I passed in front: a rusted statue of Virgin Marie standing on the roof, abandoned. She must have been beautiful, with colors, maybe with fine gold. Hard to believe considering that Saint Emilion owes a lot to our religion. Think about all the properties like Angelus, Le Prieuré (Priory), Couvent (Convent), Grace Dieu (Grace God) and all the saints, actually, the same as in other wine producing regions. Wine has been closely associated to our Christian culture.
In any case, this statue is being repainted by the housing project; it would be great if Sud Ouest wrote a piece on it.

As for me, I think I will have a glass of Champagne to celebrate with my neighbor, the owner of Couvent des Jacobins. For a long time, she looked at this rusted Virgin Marie and suggested that something must be done. She is now happy to see that she is being rehabilitated (without a petition, nor grants).

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