Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First notes and releases

Jean Philippe Fort from Rolland’s enologist lab, Rémi Dalmasso, the cellar master for my wines in Saint Emilion, and myself went through the final blending of 2007 batches before bottling in the Spring. Rémi’s property, Clos Dalmasso in Saint Emilion, received its first and good comment from Jean Marc Quarin.

It is encouraging considering it is the first note rewarding all the work done. It is a big responsibility to launch a new cru, when starting with almost nothing, planting new vines or buying tired ones, old due to the lack of care.
Lots of work, and here are the first results:

CLOS DALMASSO Saint-Emilion 15
This is the second vintage of Mr. Dalmasso, who happens to be the oenologist at Mr. Thunevin's operations. Made from young vines of 100% merlot, the production of this wine is a mere 600 bottles.
Showing a dark color with a truffled nose and a fine woody character, this wine appears softly pulpy from entry to the mid-palate. It then develops aromatic, melting and precise in its tannic texture, finishing quite persistent. This is good and difficult not to swallow.
(Jean Marc Quarin)

Many employees in Saint Emilion have their own vineyards, encouraged by the desire to produce, to undertake for themselves the production of their own cru. What a nice challenge!
In my company, 6 employees have taken the step and now own a vineyard.

FYI: Latour 2008 was released this morning.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Thunevin,
Could you please post the correct tasting note from Jean-Marc Quarin on the 2008 Clos Dalmasso as it was published by Mr. Quarin on his website.

As a reminder, Mr. Quarin is among very few wine critics (perhaps the only one?) to publish his tasting notes with extensive care both in French and English.

As any reader might expect, it is best to have the original version directly from the author.

Thank you.
Best regards.