Monday, April 20, 2009

More notes

Jean Marc Quarin :
Haut Carles 15
Domaine des Sabines 15
Château Haut Mazeris 14.5

Reception at Château Pape Clément, Friday at noon, hosted by Mr Bernard Magrez to present all his wines sold to Bordeaux wholesalers and brokers.
The ones I found very good are: Clémentin, Pape Clément and Magrez-Fombrauge 2008 which will certainly be part of the successes of this vintage.

In the evening, I attended a charity auction at Château Beauséjour Bécot for « Nid de Meknès », an orphanage in Morocco which has, in Saint Emilion very pro-active patrons. Even in these times of financial crisis, the auction raised around 40,000 Euros, which will entirely be given to the orphanage. This nice result was reached in a warm and friendly atmosphere. I would have loved to see Morocco’s consul in Bordeaux, but maybe it will be for another time.

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