Thursday, April 16, 2009

Corbin 2008

The same usual “mistakes” take place during this current En Primeur campaign as before: either the price is too low, or the volumes proposed reduced and even more… All the anguishes felt by my friends wholesalers, brokers and clients concerning prices forget that the market tastes better than the “margin” and that a chateau sells its production, but also its image, its relationships, the respect of its customers and even more during this time of crisis. Tough to stay serene!

Fortunately, some owners are pleasant, for instance last Wednesday mid day, Annabelle Cruse-Bardinet and her husband were hosting a group of Bordeaux brokers and wholesalers, customers and friends of their beautiful château Corbin, Saint Emilion Grand Cru Classé, located in the district of Pomerol and close to Cheval Blanc.

The wines are “classic”, the gravel terroir makes it difficult to make “blockbusters”, but instead, elegant and balanced wines, with bright fruits, appreciated by their faithful clientele. Prices are attractive and the young female owner – manager – enologist has been involved for a long time in producing this cru with her family and does good work.
We are far from the power games and this is the reason why so many wholesalers and important brokers were present, obviously happy to be there!

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