Tuesday, August 5, 2008


La Dominique was featured in the program “La Vie de Château” broadcasted at 10:45 am on the local television station TV7. This program was shot not long ago in Château La Dominique where I spoke about my objectives for the chateau as well as my relationship with the owner, Mr. Clément Fayat. It will be broadcasted today, Tuesday, at 10:45 am and 9:45 pm and on Wednesday at 1:15 pm. Many of my colleagues have already seen it and it gave me the opportunity to see it again as well as the chraming Florence Lafragette.

I had plenty of nice meals over last weekend, including The Wine Maker’s Collection d’Arsac Sunday evening

- N°1 Michel Rolland 2006
- N°2 Denis Dubourdieu 2006
- Balthus 2003 de Reignac (Bordeaux)
- Cuvée Edmond Alphonse Mellot 2001 (Sancerre)
- Cuvée Victor de Diel 2004 (Allemagne)
- Clos des Truffiers 1999 (Coteaux du Languedoc) – always so good
- Valandraud 2005

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