Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 8, 2008

Morning :

The Olympic games in Beijing are starting tomorrow and this is a good thing, even though I am not into sports.
Why is it a good thing for me? As a wine producer and merchant, lots of wine will be drunk in China during this time, either by Chinese or tourists, to celebrate respective victories. White wine, champaign, red wine, from all over the world, Hurrah for this celebration, hurrah for sport.

As for me, a group of Koreans will be visiting me. I think to scout for a film?

I read on the internet that man was drinking milk 9000 years ago. Wine, maybe 3000 years. Therefore, it is a young beverage.

Afternoon :

The Koreans, suite. The film in question will be romantic and intended for the Korean and Japanese markets. 60 people will be here during the harvest. Unfortunately, not in Valandraud as our cellars are not dug in the rock, but who knows? The film will borrow a bit of our story? Answer in October 2008.

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