Saturday, August 30, 2008

Taste and colors cannot be argued.

On Tuesday, August 26, the film Mondovino was broadcasted on FR3 at 8:50 pm.

Thursday, we were invited for lunch at the Grand Barrail by a barrel supplier. The wine list was fairly priced and we drank a very good bottle of Château de Lussac 2001 for 32 Euros, a good deal. Sitting at the table next to us were a few chateau owners and managers of crus (reclassified in 1996!) as well as a couple of tourists. Considering that all the restaurants of Saint Emilion are full, it shows how crucial placement is.

On the site of La Passion du Vin, I had the pleasure to rediscover an astonishing comment written in January 2006 on Valandraud 99: “Too hard”. It is the opinion of one of the greatest tasters on earth (as commonly accepted!). I do find some problems with my 99, but I wouldn’t have said it that way as I am not a winemaker famous enough… Regarding famous winemaker, while waiting for a 2nd star, the domain Le Clos des Fées keeps its star in the 2009 issue of the Best Wines of France. However, the comment written on Petite Sibérie 2007 is so distressing that it makes sense why they didn’t like our 3 Marie!

May God protects us from producing 12 degree wines in a bad vintage in this beautiful region of Roussillon, tasting a bit vegetal and acid, at least more digest according to some of our critics. Every sort of tastes can be found in our world, and this is good as it feeds controversy and helps each wine find its right customer.

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