Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Clochemerle (village squabble)

Saint Emilion classification, should there be one or not ? That is the question.

If I understood correctly, the 8 chateaux promoted in 2006 for the quality of their wine are, at this stage, back to their previous place as the 1996 classification was reinstated. Why is this one good? Who knows if this one will not even be also challenged as it is based on the same methods which were contested in 2006!!

In any case, in 2010, no more classification, or maybe a new one. Will the rules be the same? If so, we’re back to square one! If they are different, who will define them and why? This story is not over yet. I would like to remind you that the wines demoted in 2006 also suffered grater discrimination and prejudice, but who cares.

Here is my saying of the day, a lawyer’s joke.
1st lawyer: Me, mister, I know the law.
2nd lawyer: Me, mister, I know the judge

Conclusion, To be continued !

The veraison, the change of color from green grapes to white of red is just starting. This means that the harvest for the reds will begin on Monday, September 29 2008, if all goes well.

Several articles just came out, either on me, or regarding my wines. Thanks to the internet, we can now consult them:

For instance Wikio states that my blog is position in the 348 place in the gastronomy category (so?), from Las Vegas writes about one of my branded wine ( Lalande de Couturier ), often asks my opinion (on this bloody Saint Emilion classification),

TV7 broadcasted one last time the report on Château La Dominique,

And to finish, a piece published on a Chinese site.

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