Saturday, August 2, 2008

July 29 and August 1st 2008

July 29, 2008 :

I was invited by Michel Puzio for a meal with his Canadian (Ontario) clients, in Chai Pascal the web bar in Rue Guadet, where the homemade smoked salmon is always good.
I had the pleasure to drink with cheese Château La Rame 2001 Sainte Croix du Mont, dried apricots, mandarin, and especially an inexpensive cuvée Fié Gris 2006, a dry white wine from Touraine from Jacky Preys et Fils. It is made with a “forgotten” varietal which was used to replant all their vineyards of Sauvignon Gris, a very aromatic varietal also used here, in Monbousquet Blanc and by us, in very small quantity in our Blanc de Valandraud.

August 1st, 2008 :

Despite the holidays, there is a lot of work, receiving clients, Americans, Germans, French, meals in local restaurants.

In Château La Dominique, Jean-Claude and Clément FAYAT were hosting 2 VIPs and wine amateurs who pointed out that I speak to fast. I am too much in hurry, even for people speaking the same language. Murielle took care of a visit of Valandraud with clients of Patricia Devergne. As for me, I spent the afternoon with Dominique Decoster reflecting on the consequences of the “classified, not classified” Chateau Fleur Cardinale and others. Despite the wish of appeasement, all sorts of rumors are going around Saint-Emilion and it is now time for the French authorities to give an intelligent response in order to calm the situation. Just think about what clients have to go through with classified growth which will be delivered in a lower category. This will cause problems. The USA has already reacted to this problem (Food and Drug Administration), and in France, there are plenty of sticklers for all sorts of procedures.

Speaking about procedures, like every 3 years, I was just informed that I will be audited by the tax office, as I didn’t have enough stress for this time wasted. I’m starting to believe that they like me and think that my tax contribution is still too low. Should I gave more to the tax office?! It is then the turn of the cooperage firm Seguin Moreau to pay me a visit in Saint Emilion. Philippe Fezas is meeting me to review our past and especially our future activities.

A well know property in Saint Emilion has just been put up for sale and this will create a lot of noise in the microcosm of the wine industry. There is no point of questioning if this area is attractive or not, as the image of Bordeaux is connected to French luxury and as a proof, you just have to look at the million of tourists visiting Saint Emilion and thousands the various chateaux.

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