Monday, August 11, 2008

Le petit prince (The little Prince) - answers -

Banks can help do anything you want as long as you can get out of your commitments. So the “Petit Prince” was born in 1979 and was the name of the bar/restaurant I opened with a partner in Montpon Ménestérol in Dordogne. I sold it a few years later, but it still exists in the main street across the post office.

The color “grey mole” has become trendy a short time ago, but it hard to convince my wife who prefers off-white. It’s a good idea to check out the rosemary green color of Château La Fleur Pétrus in Pomerol to put back in perspective the importance of the notes from wine guides. The color of shutters, in harmony with the beautiful stones from the Gironde and reading Saint Exupery’s The Little Prince could give you the idea to name a bar. I also mentioned that a racing horse was named after Valandraud, even a couch. And several wines in Bordeaux have inspiring names, writing, and colors. As my mother would say, It is better to be desired that pitied. Actually, regarding the Olympic games in Beijing, is France desired, or…

On another subject, 8 pages on the Roussillon in the last issue of Decanter!

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