Friday, July 18, 2008

Saint Emilion classification, suite...

In my (perhaps biased) opinion, it is getting worse and totally immoral.

Promoted wines from the last classification (for instance Troplong Mondot and Pavie Macquin) have now been demoted to Grands Crus Classé with previously demoted wines now upgraded!
How can justice and peace be found with such a mess and all these divergent opinions?
How can this classification be credible in front of customers, enthusiasts, medias, even though many professionals find it too lax?
‘Is there a doctor in the house’?

Take the example of Grand Corbin d’Espagne, previously demoted. They made an incredible effort working hard for 10 years to win back their status. How can you explain to them that they don’t have the right to be promoted? Worse, seeing properties demoted, including some notoriously insufficient, having the right for it!

Even worse, the fate of Fleur Cardinale, Monbousquet and Destieu who have been penalized by giving grounds to bad losers.
I have a more insidious question: What about wines which have not been able to be promoted like Barde-Haut, Quinault, or even Valandraud ?

In fact, I also feel hurt by this situation. Don’t I have the proper references across the board to be able to attain the 1st Cru B classification?
If the only way is to have 100/100, few wines can claim to this classification, at least not the ones responsible for this mess (and they were plenty).
What will the legal consequences be, the appeals, at what speed? Without taking in consideration the damage it will cause, especially with the relationship between chateaux…

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