Thursday, July 3, 2008

It’s havoc...

As I announced yesterday, the story goes on!
Bordeaux administrative court cancelled again the 2006 Saint Emilion classification. The reasons given are not meaningless (The equal treatment between candidates was not respected), but I am not sure that our appellation will come out unscathed. And I particularly find comical that one of the declassified property has today 3 crus declassified. Contesting the classification and requesting it is not always advantageous.

In the meantime, the conclusions don’t imply that the declassified be reclassified and it gives no additional recommendation. Therefore, I will attend the next trial.
How will the 2006 vintage be sold? All these outlaw crus, and some already delivered to customers with the obligatory mention Grand Cru Classé, etc…?
The judgment doesn’t take in consideration these secondary effect!

In the meantime, there are lots of beating up comments on Berthomeau and Bizeul’s blogs and this is even more important.

The work in the vineyards is especially hard due to the heat wave. Nevertheless, check out this post published on the blog BisRepetita. It looks more like a provocation expressing real discontent. I decided to post the entire text below:

1286 EUROS
This is my salary for the month of May. I don’t work in Mac Donald, I am not employed in a youth program, I am not cashier in Auchan supermarket, I am not working as a street advertiser (in fact, there are no streets where I live, only roads). None of that! I am actually a certified teacher, working fulltime with a Bac + 5 years university. I wake up at 6:30 am and spend 8 hours per day in school. It costs me 300 Euros per month in gas to drive to school. I take care of 29 kids even their parents cannot support more than a weekend at home.

I am doing this job for the past 5 years, in a relaxed manner, but with seriousness. Everyone thinks I am lazy and complain all the time (this is how most people view teachers), I am responsible for all the ills of the society: Of course, it is MY fault that this little twerp of Kevin who spends 8 hours per day in front of the TV or his Playstation eating chips still doesn’t know how to read at 10 years old. In fact, my asshole of inspector from the Department of Education (with capital letters I should write) will most likely point out (my little asshole of Kevin), bringing up my clear incompetence when he, who has not even been in a class in his life (and earns 3 times as much as I do), could have certainly done better.

On the whole: If you are looking for a young (and very good looking) future ex school teacher for a job that has to do with wine.
If you only pay 1286 Euros per month, it is not a problem as at least I will do something I enjoy.
If you only pay for the work I do, I will also take it (at least it will be a change).
If you like chocolate Yule logs, I make them very well.
Thanks in advance.
Note: I even accept to work for a domaine de Gaillac.. (but no Fronton, I am not so desparate).

I never liked teachers much, being against formatting, but still, as many people, some have succeeded in making me like some subjects (yes), but I stopped my studies early (BEPC, high-school exam passed at 16 years old).
Today, amongst my friends, there are a few teachers who must certainly have faith to carry on: low pay, no more status, nor in their jobs or anywhere else… What’s going to happen if nothing is done to restore a bit of dignity for these teachers?

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