Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nothing new

Thursday evening, we had a simple dinner at home with Jenifer, Edouard, Christophe, Xin and us.

Cantaloupe with Maury 2003 from Terre Rousse, good way to feature these good wine.
Blanc N°2 de Valandraud 2007, then an excellent Exile 2006 from the Barossa Valley (Australia), Valandraud 1999 with truffled mash potatoes and roast beef. With raspberries, we drank a Sassicaia 1994 which had the style of an old Bordeaux, a bit austere, and a Bordeaux brandy to finish this late dinner. We had a good time, even had an animated conversation about Tibet, the Chinese and secular side are rarely considered in France.

On the site of Berthomeau, I read an article on Claire Naudin which says everything I know since I started making wine. I also read such agricultural book written for the general public. The one mentioned is “La Maison Rustique”, the first edition was published in 1582, and includes everything there is to know.
Columelle used to write the same things in the year 42.
Everything was written about the way to get healthy grapes in order to make good wine in the ancient time.

I would like to particularly thank Louis Havaux for the one page article in the Belgium magazine Vino Magazine.

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