Wednesday, July 9, 2008


The research and statistical department of the CIVB (Bordeaux promotion office) provides us with geographical statistical studies on wine sales in large to medium size supermarkets in France.
The average price for a AOC red Bordeaux is 2.82 Euros, Haut-Medoc 7.86, Margaux 17.09, Saint Emilion Grand Cru 11.88, Pomerol 14.34.

We are not talking about quality, even though I seriously think that 30% of wines selling for that price can be good, 30% OK and the rest probably bad.
Who’s to blame? The goose or the gander? it is always the same question. The supplier? The seller? the customer ?
My opinion is that without customers, no suppliers.

I read on the CIVB’s newsletter:
The 6th edition of “Bordeaux fête le Vin” (Bordeaux wine festival), was very successful: 450 000 visitors, 48 200 tickets sold for tastings (+2% compared to 2006), 450 passes sold to visit vineyards, more that 500 000 tastings, 45 450 bottles drank. 260 journalists, including more than 72 from the foreign press from 17 different nationalities reported the event. 2000 amateurs participated to the tasting workshops from l’Ecole du Vin.
Who said that Bordeaux was over?

The citadel of Blaye, created by Vauban, was just listed as a Unesco 2008 World Heritage Site, like Saint Emilion in 1999 and Bordeaux in 2007. This is good for our beautiful department and will attract tourism of quality.
When is Sauterne also going to be listed?

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