Monday, July 21, 2008

Nice weather ! ideal for the vineyards

Most likely there will low yields everywhere, at least in our properties. For instance, Domaine Virginie Thunevin: my daughter who, in her property of Lalande de Fronsac bought in August 2006, produces less than 30 hectoliters per hectare (around 1.7 tons per acre). Same in our property in Lalande de Pomerol. However, quality will be there in this 2008 vintage. This is somewhat a consolation, except for the financial situation of wines sold for little money.

Actually, the price of wine, already inexpensive, is going down. It is sad to think that 900 liters (237.75 US Gallons or 198 Imperial Gallons) of Bordeaux can be bought, before bottling, at less than 1000 Euros. It doesn’t leave much space for quality!
One little point to note for foreign readers, 900 liters of Bordeaux = US$ 1580 = 169030 yen = 10782 Chinese Yuan = 1621 Swiss Francs.

Compare with the minimum wage in France: 1321 Euros per month gross salary, or 1037.53 Euros net salary per month for a 35 hours per week work. Hourly wages are 8.71 Euros gross, or 6.84 Euros net per hour.

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