Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bizarre...did you say bizarre?

Apparently, wine should have less chemical deposit than water…
But which kind of water?
From the tap, containing chlorine, nitrate, lead or other sweet things?
Or bottled mineral water with salt, etc…?

Is there a plan to use wines that have been analyzed in baby bottles?
Is there a plan to consume large quantities of wine to quench our thirst? To make coffee, cook pasta, soup? (though… I could include the Southwestern tradition of doing “Chabro” – adding wine in your soup when just about finished!?)

Even if a hypochondriac like me understands the importance of knowing what we eat or drink, it is not necessary to find all the answers.
What counts is to know if 2 glasses of wine contain residues and how much based on today’s knowledge.
Comparing wheat (bread, pasta), fruits, milk product (including cheese), other sorts of drinks, the air we breathe (outside and inside), clothing we wear (laundry detergent, additives), should be done for a purpose useful to consumers and producers like us and not just for organic fundamentalists.
Lets not forget that the main danger for consumers is alcohol and for producers product they use randomly, like laundry detergent we use at home, coloring used by hairdressers, paint used by painters, gas at the station, secretaries sitting in their confined cubical, etc…

Not more, nor less. Then, we are dealing other sorts of issue in our strange society where we still need to agree on the principles of precaution/ban: what’s good for public health, good for children (and not mildly retarded people) and for people who still don’t know that drinking wine, beer, whisky, is good at small dose, but dangerous for oneself and others if consumed in large quantities.
It is like saying that obesity is caused by bread! Or that heart failures are caused by escalators! let’s have good common sense… Speed limits on our highways do save lives. Hurrah for gendarmes who enforce these laws.
Cars don’t kill, but the driver who is responsible for the accident (and who could also have been driving slowly ?).

A person who is not capable in discernment, should not be considered an adult. Still, each of us could blame “others” for many things.
The other bizarre person.

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