Monday, July 7, 2008

Full speed

Axelle de Valandraud 2000 is being served at the G8 summit taking place on the island of Hokkaido. At least, this is the information given to me by a friend from Bordeaux a few weeks ago. Hopefully, this garage wine will help find solutions to fight against the increase in the price of oil and raw material.

Friday evening, we had a great dinner. We were invited by a couple, brokers in Bordeaux, in a beautiful country house near Bordeaux. it was full of animals, 100 years old trees and plenty of big and hungry mosquitoes. A couple, a bit like us, owners as well as wholesalers, were also invited to share this meal and a few wines (Volnay, Languedoc, Champagne and a very nice Beauséjour Bécot 1990).

Saturday was a busy work day : tasting with Caroline and some of her clients (a group of 12 English professionals) at Chateau La Dominique followed by a visit and tasting at Valandraud/Bel Air Ouÿ in Saint Etienne de Lisse. Valandraud 2007 tasted very good. I hope that it will become one of Bordeaux best as well as 2006…

At 1 pm, I had lunch with colleague wholesaler in Bordeaux and his Japanese customers in the restaurant La Cadène. A house rosé, a beautiful piece of tuna and, again, the warm reception from the owners Marion and Abdou Maarfi-Moulierac, who were the first in Saint Emilion to help us when were opened in 1984, across the street, the restaurant Le Tertre. We will never forget the oysters and the white wine Jean l’Arc from Bob Avarguez for the last meal before the restaurant opened.

Next, I went to Pomerol for a visit at Château Commanderie de Mazeyres to taste all the vintages available with an excellent 2000 and especially 2001. I also went to Stéphane and Carol Bedenc at Château Maro de Saint Amant in Saint Emilion where my “protégés” are now settled. I am proud to sell their wines which are made with love.

You can often find love and friendship in our job, for wine encourages personal interaction. The same evening, I told Christophe, a big Bordeaux wholesaler, that I could no longer sell wine from people I didn’t like, except if I had a special request from one of my customers. I favor more and more wines from people who consider me more than a good PR or wine merchant.

In the evening (after a stop by L’Essentiel), I went to a big party, close to Libourne, attended by 200 people including many colleagues owners or wholesalers. It was a nice event with wine, food and good atmosphere… We went to bed after 2 am!
By the way, the wines served were: Meursault Rougeard 2004, Sociando Mallet 2004, Larcis Ducasse 2003 (very good), Pontet Canet 1999.

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