Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nice encounter

On Tuesday, July 1 I had a work lunch at Chateau Fleur Cardinale with the whole technical staff: Richard, Jean Philippe, Bob, Dominique, Florence and I.
Before, we tasted several batches of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon aged in barrels made by 3 different coopers. It is always surprising for me to see how important the difference is between barrels from the same cooper and, of course, between different coopers. In any case, the 2007 taste better now that it did during the futures campaign. Following, with lunch, we drank the 2006 vintage which was just bottled and really noticed its high quality; and also drank 2004 and 2003.

For dinner, we also drank a bottle of 2005 which was really impressive despite the tropical heat we had during the meal with Mark Golodetz, an American journalist. During the meal, he asked if any one living more than 5 km from Saint Emilion was concerned about the classification? In the USA, at least in his opinion, it is not important (nor according to Frédéric Gautier’s comment on my blog).

In any case, I like the classification as it is one of the access doors to recognition and I can’t forget that I am the consultant for Châteaux Fleur Cardinale and La Dominique and that I applied for Valandraud and Clos Badon.
Wednesday 2 in the morning, tasting with Alain Raynaud, Jean Philippe Fort and the technical staff of Chateau de Carles to prepare the bottling of 2006.

Following, I went to Libourne to attend a friendly and special lunch.
The physical perception at that moment is so intense with tears and anguish not to be up to the task, of not being “worthy”… Murielle was intimated so was I even though our host tried his best not to be too much. He made the effort to be simple, that even someone like me lacking confidence about culture can forget the road I still have to go.

Time always goes fast during these meetings. The place was peaceful and wine was from the symbolic vintage of 1988 (the 8 of prosperity) and drinking it, this sexual image, feminine made me hum, since yesterday, this beautiful song written by Georges Moustaki and sung by Serge Reggiani:

The woman in my bed
Has not been 20 for quite some time
The dark rings under her eyes
From years
From love
Day by day
Her mouth used
by kisses
So often, but
So badly given
Looking pale
Despite make-up
More pale than
A spot of the moon

The woman in my bed
Has not been 20 for quite some time
Her breast are so heavy
from too much love
Are no longer
Called teaser
Her body is tired
From caresses
Too many. but
Badly loved
Her bent back
Seems carrying
She tried to flee

Don’t laugh
Don’t touchKeep your tears
and your sarcasms
When night
Brings us together
Her body, her hands
Give themselves to me
And it’s her heart
Covered in tears
And wounds
Reassuring me

Astonishing reaction cause by this wine… I can only explain it by the 20 years of age of this wonderful 1988.

In the evening, at La Dominique, we had the visit of a group of 6 guests from the company BEC. It is so easy to be convincing when you are the neighbor of Cheval Blanc, L’Evangile, La Conseillante and when you se the considerable investment made by Clément Fayat to bring this cru to the highest level.
After feeling low from the last En primeur campaign, the moral is now back. Thanks to this fabulous job.

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