Thursday, January 20, 2011


With a little delay: Since November 23, 2010, Paolo Basso became the Best Sommelier in Europe. Bravo Paolo, you deserve it!

In the 3rd issue of the Revue Vigneron (Winemnaker’s Review), a chic magazine with minimal advertising, nice photos, good text, how do they do it?

Grains Nobles :
We still practice green harvest today. In any case, Monday evening in the tasting organized by Grains Nobles, this method was questioned by some amateurs who repeat the words of some colleagues winemakers with simplistic arguments, confusing a vineyard in perfect balance and properly tended, with vines too young or too well maintained producing too many grapes. A whole, in-depth, article would be necessary to explain, in these cases, how to reach perfection with their best vineyards, producing fluid wines, I do not like, with many bunches kept on their stock. Knowing how to make wine is not human, God controls it!

Grains Nobles, more:
New barrels: same comments there too, if one doesn’t like wines with oak, why drink them? Especially when you know that the person presenting the wine (me) has long maintained its commitment to good new barrel...

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