Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More on the classification

Simple idea, too simple perhaps, to be included in the next classification of Saint Emilion... It would cost almost nothing, an intern and a bailiff

Ask Bertrand Le Guern the ability to use his statistics which is based on compiling the notes of a large panel of tasters, journalists and professionals. The averages are meaningful, clear and cannot be manipulated or subject to assessment. If some are missing, use the Grand Jury Européen, which already does this for the Cercle Rive Droite.
Take a formula consisting of exit price of wines from Bordeaux brokers; add info from direct sales and current prices from the so-called “place” (open market).
Take the average price listed on winesearcher
Take the average prices listed on Liv-Ex
Taking statistics from search engines like Google for the notoriety of a wine.

This should be sufficient to create a classification to inform the client, but it would be quite insufficient to classify terroir

For your information, the text of the rules governing the future classification is available in French on the website of the INAO, text dated November 16, 2010. There are even rules! (Check-out the summaries of decisions - decisions 16.11.2010 - Decision N° 2010.334)

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