Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Drank and read


Echezeaux 2007 Grand Cru from Bruno de Saunay-Bissey, which I enjoyed with Muriel and Lionel, our guest from Lyon, left me wanting more, we had no problems to empty the bottle! I have trouble with elegance as I prefer more concentrated wines, for sure.
Before, we drank a Meursault 2008 from Pierre Boisson, I’m not the only one with a predestined name! Very lemony wine, citrus, bright, good.


On the blog of the Grand Jury Europeen, François Mauss wrote about the rules accepted by Saint Emilion and INAO prior to being signed by the Minister and concerned (though not guilty) officials. There are quite a few comments and I may add one more, perhaps paradoxical.
The opponents of these new rules are very different, some are stars, indisputable icons and others so little known that I have not even sold a single one of their bottles in 20 years... These new rules are probably not so bad

Anyway, I already wrote about this classification that an interne would have been sufficient. Use the rules of the 1855 classification - why does the right bank wants to be so different? - Add Bertrand Le Guern’s statistics and we have a ranking system that some imagine is already fair! While a classification system is the opposite: we rank the best, but that's another story.

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