Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New York, Boston, Tasted

I leave for New York on Sunday 30th with Air France in the large and beautiful A380 Paris-New York. I will meet up with Christian Dalbavie who put together a full schedule of work.

This trip was organized around an invitation from our friend Alan Frishman who organized a dinner with the New York chapter of the Commanderie de Bordeaux with La Mondotte and Valandraud as guest stars.
Stephan Von Neipperg will be there to present La Mondotte and for Valandraud, I will be alone this time, with Christian as interpreter: I am not always able to express myself in English !
We will taste various vintages of Valandraud and La Mondotte. Following these “gala” dinners, we will do some promotion with one of our distributors in New York who carries a range of our wines, then another in Boston.

During that time, Murielle continues to prune her vines. After Fongaban and the parcels in front of Chateau Bel Air, she will prune the whites and that's a job. The work done and the passion was rewarded in a beautiful article written by Andreas Larsson in the beautiful magazine Tasted:
"A great, new generation, white Bordeaux from a mixed vintage that despite all the criticism produced some outstanding white wines. The Blanc de Valandraud offers a great deal of purity on the nose with hints of lime, passion fruit, and ripe citrus. You feel the Sauvignon but the palate is a bit broader and creamier, and offers nice zesty fruit with a youthful bite and long finish. A serious white Bordeaux that offers great drinking today and is very suitable with elegant and pure flavours. It also works really fine with these earthy and creamy flavours and it has the edge to work with the often difficult texture of the egg."

This magazine has a beautiful layout, with nice graphics and beautiful photos. A new line of communication more glamorous for some wines and champagne, where the art of luxury is not far and the pictures of some of Rolland’s wines might suit our Bad Boys and Bad Girls. The photographer has talent (Lili René) and the Artistic Director, Marie Rolland will make some envious for casting lovely models in this new approach to wine
Nice ratings and tasting notes as well for Valandraud and Fleur Cardinale, Faurie de Souchard, Le Prieuré, Rol Valentin, etc…


Philip said...

Jean-Luc: Thank you for coming to New York and Boston. These will be wonderful tastings. I enjoyed your last visit here in Boston. Unfortunately, I am in New York on February 2nd and will miss you this time.
I saw Comte Stephan von Neipperg today in Boston and tried his 2008 vintage of Canon La Gaffeliere. Very powerful and delicious.
Perhaps I will see you in St. Emilion at the En Primeurs en Avril. A bientot. Phil Edmundson, Chateau Edmus

Steve said...

Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow in Boxborough (outside of Boston). The weather here is perhaps more severe than you're used to. It's certainly one of the worst winters we've endured in the past 30 years up here in Massachusetts.

Bon voyage!