Saturday, January 29, 2011

UGC : tastings

When the UGC travels, crowds move; comments on the 2008 vintage were posted in a Parker style by amateurs. The notes are rather low for this vintage, which is true, is more “classic” than the extravagant 2009 and 2010.
Jeff Leve in Los Angeles, Philippe Camps in Brussels and Alan Rath in San Francisco also commented.
I think that La Dominique was underrated; it is true that I am not neutral, but I will check with Andreas Larsson when I return from the USA re-tasting La Dominique as well as many other 2008 being compared and judged.

La Dominique will be one of the candidates for the place of 1st Grand Cru Classe in the new status of the next Saint Emilion classification. I would like to add, without wanting to be too controversial, that the status of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. often helps getting more positive and more favorable comments and notes. The "social" status usually allows getting one, two or three points higher by any “normal” taster.

Few are those who judge without being influenced by the classification: just look at blind tastings so often challenged by those who do not accept being questioned.

In conclusion, hurrah for the classification system, hurrah for social status... if I am included!
Down with privileges.... if I don’t have any…
Long live blind tastings if I'm the challenger or down with tastings, blind, if they do not take into account the history and age of the captain when I am a 1st growth

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