Thursday, January 6, 2011

Funny meeting, sequel

Comments posted on my French blog yesterday:
From Laurent Dupéré-Barrera:
“reading your post as well as Hervé Bizeu’sl, I realized, including for myself, that the problem does not come from these "collectors" of famous labels but of our need to be recognized for our work, our passion etc... and this, only each of us (myself included) can do something about it, then perhaps 2011 is the year to make ourselves a little freer.”

From François Mauss:
“Surprising the time you spend talking about this label drinker, when his fate could had been settled in one sentence. It is true that a strong image is built up over several generations. Why wanting so much to speed things up? Vanity? Need to be even richer? Need for more respect? By focusing so, we risk missing out on quite a few other things. Anyway, this is most likely not your case considering your equal passion for the tuber melanosporum :-)”

Yes Laurent, indeed this terrible need, even for me, to be recognized, despite what Francois Mauss says, I'm still looking for hugs and love, rather than punches and hate.
When I was a bank employee at Credit Agricole, soliciting (in other words sales rep) we had training programs in order to be better salespersons, I already wrote about it in this blog, I adopted the concept of Maslow's hierarchy of need with its 5 core principles, which I summarize:
1/ Physiological
2/ Safety
3/ Need to belong
4/ Esteem (then the one concerning me)
5/ Self-accomplishment (which I haven’t reached – not old enough? not wise enough? not smart enough? who knows!)
I see that he added to these five "needs", a 6th: the need for eternity, and this, I’ve been living this kind of life for a long time. I’ve already had it since the 2nd stage from 17-18 years! Well my friends are well aware of my anxieties !

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