Friday, November 28, 2008

On my way to Korea

Yesterday I ate at home with Virginie, Murielle, Marc and a journalist.
As usual, we had a good meal and for wine, an excellent Virginie 2005, very voluptuous, the classic (maybe too much?) Virginie 2001 and our favorite today, Valandraud 1998.
We spoke about Virginie, wine, my daughter, my story – I know… but I can’t help it that journalists always ask the “same” questions instead of reading what has already been written about our story. It is true that I always ad something more.
I must say that today, every journalist brings me some sort of psychoanalysis and I enjoy it. I am even starting to believe in my story, go figures!

Back to my meal – we mainly spoke about me. I understand that some good things are going to be appearing in the media around wine, but I don’t know if it is still a secret?
In any case, it is going to shake the mammoth, as Allègre would say!

This morning, I am leaving early for Korea with my negociant from Bordeaux and will be back next Thursday.

In the meantime, yesterday, Murielle finished picking our experimental “Cabernet Sauvignon ice red wine” and is starting to prune.

I am leaving for my trip with a nice throat infection. In what state will I return?...

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