Thursday, November 13, 2008

What a great job !

I received a really nice bottle of Fine Champagne 1858 because I mentioned that the same bottle already offered by this person, was very good, and that my friends liked very much. Unfortunately, I finished it. This kind gesture will be properly rewarded. Again, how lucky we are to do a job where relations are so cordial, if not friendly.

We did an express trip to Rome with our friends to meet a few wine professionals, famous restaurants, wine shops and especially important wine lovers and influential people. This is not new but it is difficult to sell Bordeaux wine in Italy, except for Sauternes and 1st growths… Champaign is also selling well, but it is obvious that selling red wine in this country which produces excellent ones, is difficult.

What’s certain is that this beautiful city has a lot of very good restaurants. Every street and every corner has a museum; it is perhaps the most beautiful city in the world.
As far as restaurants are concerned: we were very received at the 3 stars La Pergola and especially Tullio (via S. Nicola da Tolentino), a very good brasserie – we liked so much that we ate there twice!
The Italian wine I enjoyed most was: Guado Al Tasso 2004.

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