Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Yesterday Monday, I received a group of 6 journalists from Hong Kong, Japan, the Netherlands, England for a tasting.
I presented a few crus from my own properties but principally wines I consult for as the theme of their PR trip was about consultants, famous or not!
Some subjects are just about the current trend but this one is not. However, this trip was about famous, or up-coming, consultants in Bordeaux.
What are the differences between Dubourdieu, Derenoncourt, Rolland, Dauga, Pauquet, myself, etc… ?
As for me, I have a limited number of clients for my properties and negoce business keep me quite busy. We discussed this subject matter during the dinner organized at our host where a few wines tasted very good (in my opinion)!
Fonroque 2003 (biodynamic)
Trottevielle 2000
Clos Fourtet 2002
L’Arrosée 2004
And other wines, some better than others. Still, I am certain that our journalists liked them. Fortunately, the world has all different types of tastes.

At l’Essentiel, I tasted many Crémants de Bordeaux Lionel Lateyron is working on for us for our next challenge.

Below, a picture of Murielle with Claude Lelouche at la Paulée in Meursault.

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