Friday, November 21, 2008

USA : thoughts

Following the request from my accountant regarding the expenses incurred by Christian and I during our last trip in the USA, I asked myself again the same question I expressed to Christian during the trip : Who could spend 700 and 1000 Dollars per day promoting (good selling) wines sold between 3 and 15 Euros ?!

The owners of a “normal” cru would not be able too afford it. Fortunately, we are often invited, even hotels paid for, however, the cost for flights, car rental, taxis, restaurants even with no excess, grows quite fast and can reach 700 to 1000 Dollars per day.
If you ad the expenses our clients take care of, especially renting spaces, our meals in nice restaurants, brochures, sales reps and travel costs, it comes to quite a bit of money. It is therefore important that we have a proper margin.
Winemakers often forget this point…

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