Sunday, November 9, 2008

Salut les copains (Hi buddys)

In the same day Thursday, I had a visit from a talented photographer who was taking pictures for an article about blending to be published in the magazine of Saint Emilion’s trade organization and following, 2 bankers from the BNP, sure partners even in these difficult times. We drank a bottle of Bel Air Ouÿ 2003 and La Dominique 2003 with my parents-in-law.
Just before lunch, my friend Jean-Pierre L. called me to see if he and his friends could visit Chateau La Dominique. As he usually tends to give and not ask, it was a pleasure to grant his request, and even take him around to Valandraud.

In the evening, after work, I ran into an old friend of mine, Alain Paillard, and one of his friends, in front of my office. I used to work with him in my youth in the famous night-club Le Takouk, in Pizou (Dordogne) where I was the DJ and he the barman. What a great period! What fun times in my youth! I kept some fond memories.
Alain was responsible for me moving to Saint Emilion: He had moved here 2 years before me and was the owner of a successful grocery store, while I was still wondering what to do with my life. The first years I was saying that it was his “fault”, or “thanks” to him, for me to be in Saint Emilion, depending on my financial situation.
At that time, our meeting place was either at Julien’s café or Chez Goulée where Francis or Annie always offered us a dish and a glass of wine…
I invited them to have dinner with us. Our last meal was for Edmond Broux’s birthday in Montignac. After drinking Virginie 2005, Valandraud 1997 and Bel Air Ouÿ 2003, we went to the cellar to taste batches of 2008 vintage with all our interns, enologists, managers, etc…

These nice batches of 2008 are being tasted to know if we need more heat, colder, rack… and take all the decision necessary to make the best wine possible.
I am sure that it doesn’t interest anyone now, but our 2008 looks to be good to very good. This is not hot air!

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