Thursday, June 26, 2008

Millerandage, nice village and nightclubbing

Yesterday, I had a quick lunch with a banker from BNP and Michel Puzio in the web-bar of Pascal Fauvel and Catherine Papon-Nouvel, 37 rue Guadet: “Chai Pascal”. I ordered a salad, an unctuous home made smoked salmon and drank a glass of water. This is one more nice restaurant in Saint Emilion helping to reduce the “tourist-trap” image of most places.

Before lunch, I saw La Puce (86 years old) helping a friend tend their vegetable garden in Fongaban, and earlier I saw Mrs Dubois (also 86 years old) still go to her small vineyard near Clos Badon to stem, deleaf and especially “avoiding to spend time doing nothing like old people”, she said.

The En primeur campaign is just about over with a few cases left being sold in the secondary market. Already, Rémi-Christophe-Jean Philippe gave me an initial report on the status of our vineyards saying that the yields for 2008 will clearly be lower. We will have a better picture in 10 to 15 days.

While walking by a store in Saint Emilion, I saw a poster promoting a party in the local night club “Le Bois de L’Or” (indeed I did). This is historical considering that I used to hangout in this club durin my youth. This night-club is located on the border of the little town of Libourne on the RN 670 (Libourne-Bergerac).
Why am I writing about it? Because the theme of the party looked a bit unusual at first glance: in fact, it is a “camping” evening: bring your tents, sleeping bags and flash lights!
What the hell, I will write about it: Damn, we are in the middle of a crises!

In my time, parties at Takouk or in Bois de L’Or, were called: Soirée Cabaret, Soirée Palace, Soirée Tzigane, birthday Party… but here, imagine… everything is going so bad : diminishing buying power, the rise in the price of petrol. Young people now even have to bring their own sleeping equipment! Tough when reality catches up…

Jokes aside, this club belongs to the same owner for almost 40 years, Mr Duponteil. Grand children of my first clients now go there: the entire youth in the region knows this club. The only difference is that during our time, customers used to go there between 11 pm and 5 am; today, they go between 1 am and 6 am and drivers cannot drink alcohol.

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