Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Friday, June 6

Following a busy day of En primeur 2007 releases and refusing orders requests for wines well rated by Parker, like Climens (we have no allocations), Pape Clément white (reserved in priority for customers who bought 2006) and the anticipated success of Carruade de Lafite, which still has a strong demand in China, I can already say that, this campaign is not going so bad in terms of turnover, despite a gloomy atmosphere and complaints about the prices. Still margins have not be so good as well as image.
What will happen for the 50 wines left and not yet released , including mine and the ones from Vignoble Fayat?

In the meantime, and trying to ward off ill fortune, we had a nice dinner in our home. The atmosphere was a bit out of place considering the year and “exclusive”, with our VIP guests. Murielle and I are lucky to have such illustrious guests. Hope it lasts!
This job is one of the best where you can mix pleasure and work.
Patanegra, caviar, roast beef with mach potatoes, cheese, raspberries, and a nice selection of wine: Salon 88, Meursault Goutte d’Or 2004 from Domaine Buisson Charles, Russian Vodka PYCCKNN CTAHOAPT, Pingus 1998, Harlan 1998, Valandraud 1998 and our Maury 2004 Thunevin-Calvet. Old rhum from Martinique as digestive.

Saturday was hard with jetlag.

Decanter features in the July 2008 issue many in-depth articles in a supplement titled “Bordeaux 2008”.
It’s a sort of status report, but as I don’t speaking English, I could only understand part of the text.
Plenty of article on the Right Bank, and on the garagists, of course. Articles signed by Margaret Rand, Panos Kakaviatos, James Lawther, Clive Coates, Fiona Morrison, Jane Anson, etc…
I will get them translated, just in case some nonsense would be written about me or my friends. Note that when I communicate with a journalist, I don’t comment on what he, or she, writes or think (only 2 or 3 times in 15 years, it’s not much…)

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