Thursday, June 26, 2008


Last night Murielle was invited by Juliette Bécot for an informal dinner with our American guest, Jeff, Mr. Bécot and our “discoverer” Jeffrey Davis. She told me, this morning, that she had a nice dinner. Juliette’s fieriness, her sparkling spirit, made time fly and took away any negative vibes. She also just discovered, surprisingly and suddenly, the same anguishes as I have or Dominique or Alfred or, etc…
Is there a relation between realizing that time goes by and living happiness? I think so.

As for me, I was in Bourg sur Gironde with Gilles to attend a big tasting event (+ meal) organized by the groupe La Passion du Vin 33 in the restaurant Plaisance. I was quite happily surprised by this group passionate about wine, curious and especially without any prejudice. I didn’t even have time to catch my breath as questions/answers were swift. I was able to put a face on names that had met on the site.

Valandraud 2006 was still exceptional, the wines from the South were well represented by a perfect Hugo.
It was hard to get up this morning…

A few infos from the CIVB:
As our boss, Alain Vironneau, says, the French wine industry has been able to take up the challenge of competing despite all the obstacles our absurd regulations put on us or badly adapted charges.
Revenue 2003 7.80 billion Euro
Revenue 2004 7.55 billion Euro
Revenue 2005 7.74 billion Euro
Revenue 2006 8.74 billion Euro
Revenue 2007 9.34 billion Euro

These numbers are probably wrong for in 2007, our wholesales business was shipping 2005 (expensive) and the 2007 vintage is currently being sold and will be delivered in 2009. Still this is not too bad!

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