Friday, June 20, 2008

End of the campaign

Lots of work this week. The sales of futures are coming to an end with the release of Ausone, Cheval Blanc, Pingus and Yquem today.
Besides the obvious 1st growths and others, some wines are also part of the status I call “icons”. These wines include Pétrus, of course, and Ausone, for a short time. It is particularly amazing that my friend Peter Sisseck’s Pingus entered the small circle of cult wines some years ago.
I have the privilege to sell some of these wines, which, in difficult years, allows me to boost the sales of my entire range, in addition to the profits I make from the “normal” sales of these wines.

Yesterday, I drank a Sine Qua Non rosé (cult wine from California) brought by Jeff Leve, followed by a bottle of La Mondotte 1999 and blind Bad Boy 2005, which fulfilled perfectly its role of pirate wine.
Today, the first vintage of PSI was released. This wine is produced by Peter Sisseck and is in part at the origin of my Bad Boy cuvee.

This morning, tasting organized by Pierre of a nice series of vintages of La Dominique:

1970 good, past it’s peak
1975- 76 – 77 bad
1978 good
1979 correct
1980 very nice bottle in this difficult vintage
1981 average
1982 nice wine, past it’s peak
1983 not good
1985 average
1987 correct, nice success of the vintage
1988 austere, vegetal
1989 not drank today, but I bought 12 bottles in London for my personal cellar after having tasted it!
1990 correct, no more than that
1992 correct and especially good for the vintage
1993 astonishing, beautiful, young, a success for this difficult vintage
1994 correct for this equally difficult vintage
1995 the best of this lot, delicious
1996 very disappointing
2006 very good, since bottling, each week, the wine improves, very powerful. I have great hope for this wine.


Anonymous said...

Hallo Jean-Luc,

Did you taste the PSI

Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such articles. I love to read blogs like this. Just add some pics :)