Monday, June 30, 2008

Fête de la Fleur

The “Fête de la Fleur” (the flower festival) in Bordeaux was a great success and had all the elements needed to be successful: nice weather, a good selection of guests, serious organization and stars.
Mrs. Claudia Cardinale had a special charisma and her eyes were amazingly sparkling. The speeches of Mr. Cruze and Mr. Juppé were short and good (and particularly on the Right Bank).
Our table was reserved by my property in Margaux – Chateau Bellevur de Tayac, and the company of our friends made this evening fly. Fireworks on the Garonne river were shot during this event, in front of the beautiful facades of Bordeaux. I promise that for the next event, I will wear the “robe” of Commandeur!

Sunday morning, I watch on TV a nice program called “Thé ou Café” hosted by Catherine Ceylac, and shot in Jean-Louis Trintignant’s vineyards Rouge Garance.
With the nice weather, the cicadas were singing, as in the South. Perfect weather for our vines. I quickly went around our vineyards to check out the damage done by coulure and millerandage on our old vines, often tired. Nothing too serious though.

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