Friday, February 8, 2008

Tasting 2007 Futures campaign

Every year, I used to host in my home, in the garage of Valandraud (rue Vergnaud, in the center of Saint Emilion), several properties from different places to present their latest vintage and take advantage of the incredible public relation event created by the Union des Grands Crus.

This year, from Monday, March 31 until April 3, the tasting will take place at Château La Dominique in Saint Emilion, the property of the Vignobles Fayat (who is famous in our region for his successful companies).

This will give us the opportunity to introduce Château La Dominique to many people, the neighbor of Château Cheval Blanc, Château La Conseillante and Château L’Evangile.

In addition to the Vignobles Fayat (sold in the Bordeaux open market), our wines will be present as well as the ones I am involved with either as a technical consultant, or in sales, or as an exclusive distributor in specific countries or sectors, etc… This explains why certain wines present the previous years won’t be included in this year’s selection.

There will still be a country buffet served for guests visiting around lunch time.

The final list will be posted later, but you can already setup appointments with my employees or myself for the Vignobles Fayat and your relationships with the Bordeaux wholesalers.

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