Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jacques Berthomeau

I found an article on the site of « Berthomeau Vin&Cie l’espace de liberté » (in French) dated January 31 2008, without any personal comments from Mr. Jacques Berthomeau, (he is known in France for an article he wrote in 2001 on the French wine industry, which I haven’t had the chance to read yet).

In any case, this made me want to buy the book, if it is translated in French, because I like Andrew Jefford. It will give me the opportunity to check if my name is spelled Thuvenin or Thunevin, and if Valandraud is Valendraud.

Other than that, the comment from Laetitia suggests:
That she likes the whites of Marcel Deiss; me too, but not to the point of drinking a “hand-full” (how many is that?) of bottles with 2 people in the same evening…
That she doesn’t seem to like conventional speeches (me too)
That she cannot drink a bottle of Valendraud with two people… I might be easier with Valandraud, but is it reasonable to force yourself considering the price?

Acrimonious?: I looked it up in the dictionary. I don’t understand why.

Las Vegas: This American TV series broadcasted on Sunday afternoon on TF1 is able to show people drinking, talk about wine and about an auction where a lot ofh 24 bottles sold for 1 million of Dollars.

Why write about it? Because, here in France, the Evin law prevents us to do the same thing! Yes we can broadcast pre-recorded programs (like in this case), but cannot shoot this kind of documentary! Where bottles of Montrachet from Romanée Conti 1978 can clearly be shown. real but also fake ones. Now I understand why we are in Las Vegas!

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