Friday, February 15, 2008

Berthomeau / Marie Calvet and Vinisud !

M. Berthomeau
We also remember well your visit in Maury. You were greeted with a yearning for help. These men and women were concerned with their dire situation, even discouraged, tired. Worst, they didn’t believe anymore in what had been their life for some, for others their future: Their job, their vineyards.

It is under these conditions that you discovered Maury. A bit later after your visit, a new management team took over the helm of the cooperative. This change was not easy, despite the fact that a great number of members of the cooperative trusted Paul Armingaud and his team. But slowly, thanks to good decisions and an inflexible direction, the situation improved. Technical specifications were drawn up, various payment terms were implemented based on the quality of each contribution, better choice of business partners, were the basis for the strategy which turned the situation around in a few years. Of course, some people got fired, sacrifices had to be made, as much for the staff as for the members of the cooperative. But today, the financial situation of the winery has improved and the payment to the members increased. Even though we left the cooperative in 2004 to pursue our journey with Jean-Luc, we kept good personal and business relations.

The same thing has happened to many private wineries. This agreement between producers has even become a major asset. In 2007 the town created La Maison du Terroir and its association which includes over 20 private wineries as well as the cooperative to promote the wines of Maury in a wine bar and quality restaurant.
Unfortunately, today, a few individuals (which I won’t name…?) are trying to derail this project (thinking that his will exempt them for their past mistakes) as they are not part of it.

However, if you came back to Maury, Mister Berthomeau, (and I hope you will) you would be greeted by the same people as a few years ago; the difference is what you will see in their eyes: Pride! Pride to do the job they love and earn a living from it.

Is Maury the new Saint Emilion in the Roussillon? The Chateauneuf of the South? We believe it is! We have regained our ambition! Because people like Jean-Luc Thunevin have begun to believe in it and convinced us to do so.

Please, come back to visit us, Mister Berthomeau, Maury rediscovered its soul.

Vinisud : February 18-19-20, 2008

This wine trade show held every 2 years in Montpellier is unavoidable, so all the wines from our Calvet-Thunevin line will be there with 1760 other exhibitor!
To find us: Hall 1 Alley E Stand 3, we will be sharing a booth with Domaine Pouderoux from Maury and Domaine Séguela from Rasigueres.
Marie and Jean-Roger Calvet as well as Catherine Manuaud and Laurent Barbier will be there to introduce our Calvet-Thunevin and look for new customers in countries where our wines are not yet distributed.

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