Saturday, February 2, 2008

About everything and nothing

The mimosa is blooming in our Fayat-Thunevin property in Lalande de Pomerol.

Our partner in China just opened his 1st boutiques, 3 more should follow later this year.

On the site of La Passion du Vin, I learned that a Chinese bought a Bordeaux winery: Château Latour Laguens. I feel that La Passion du Vin to ask the same questions to other critics as it did with Michel Bettane in “cartes blanche”…

During the past week, I received 2 offers to increase my property in Margaux, Château Bellevue de Tayac, but at close to 1 million Euros per hectare, I passed. Instead, I am looking for vineyards near Tayac in Haut-Medoc.

How can Christian keep his cool while translating this blog in English when I write about drinking good bottles and Murielle’s cooking?

I am thinking about the Dupéré-Barrera who just started construction on their new cellar. I hope they have a better experience than us in Maury, where Marie and Jean-Roger Calvet have learned how this project has created jalousies in this small town.

Valandraud 2004 came out pretty good in a semi-blind tasting with British wholesalers.

How can I resist buying the 2007 vintage of Château Laroze knowing that it will be sold at a decent price. The quality and notoriety of this cru keeps on growing to a point that I would really like for the new critic of the Revue du Vin de France, Alain Dominique, to review it this year.

The Bétises de Cambrai are delicious mint candy. At the opposite commercial stupidity doesn’t have the same taste… I am totally upset by the small harvest of a 2007 Saint Emilion I shouldn’t have done.. Too bad, it’s too late.

Michel Bettane and Thierry Desseauve are preparing to publish a new English version.

From an unconfirmed info:
A classified growth from Saint Emilion was just sold to Russian buyers.

Other than that, we were 9 for lunch and tasted:
Corton Charlemagne 1994
Maury 2004
Valandraud 1999
Blanc de Valandraud N°1 2004
Bel Air Ouÿ 2000
Paired with vegetable soup, potatoes with truffles, salmon with curried rice, chocolate cake.

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