Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Parker, Tanzer, Wine Spectator, and all the journalists will be coming to Bordeaux at the end of March, beginning of April, to taste the 2007 vintage. It is a privilege when you think of how hard it is to get these well known journalists to go to the Roussillon (or even to convince them to taste these wines in their homes).

The Grand Jury Européen is willing to go to Tuscany, or Portugal, even Japan, but niet for the Roussillon, at least as long as the CIVR doesn’t invite them; except if I tell François Mauss that you can find beautiful truffles. Even if there are no 3 stars restaurants, eating a paella drinking a Clos del Rey 2004 in Cap Bear, just above Port-Vendres, is well worth the detour,

and this, not even taking into account that the wines and their owners have as much to say as here. It is a pity to have to wait so long to compare the wines of Bizeul, Gauby or Mas Amiel to Chateauneuf du Pape or Priorat.
Jérôme, if you read me, I have not given up on our idea to compare these wines.

I recommend to read on le blog de Jacques Berthomeau (in French) : « 3 questions to Michel Rolland", and in In Vino Veritas, a Belgium publication, a response to Decanter’s old guard and their idea on “modern” wines.

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