Sunday, February 3, 2008

Info or propaganda?

While surfing Yahoo, I read the following!:
“I just found out from a famous winemaker-blogger, that Thunevin’s blog (which I didn’t read, a person I don’t even know, I just saw him in Mondovino) is written by a different person.”

This rumor spread by a famous winemaker-blogger (does that exist?), dixit Eric Cabrol… How funny… And I thought that I write like I speak! Did I find the rare gem: a slave who, like me, has little “culture”, the same spirit and even the same friends… that's too much!

This morning at 10am, I attended the general assembly of the union for the Libourne wine merchants. Following, for lunch, we received in La Dominique more than 70 brokers and wine merchants from Bordeaux who distribute wines from the Vignobles Fayat.

And now, let’s have a little virtual tour of Shanghai, where the first store of our partner opened:

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