Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Visit of Jeff and Noëlle

Noëlle and Jeff just arrived from the Villa d’Este in Italy where they participated at a big tasting event organized by the Grand Jury Européen. I took them around our vineyards and cellars, and tried to explain the challenges faced with our terroir when, on the same plot, the Autumn leaves could as well be pale yellow, golden yellow, green… This shows how the terroir affects the distribution of nutrients, water, etc.

We had a light meal for 4 and served Clos del Rey 2001 (with Pata Negra ham – sliced bread and olive oil), delicious and able to age harmoniously, Angelus 1959, nice wine with its original cork (not refurbished), good, classic for this great vintage that I often prefer to 1961, an astonishing Petrus 1974 full of youth and pleasant in this lesser vintage. The fresh temperature of my cellar (constant 14 to 16° Celcius) and preparing the bottles (decanting and swift serving at cool temperature) certainly helped these 2 bottles served with a beef sirloin grilled in the fireplace on live oak charcoal. A nice and comforting moment for our friends used to the heavenly weather of Los Angeles. A half bottle of d’Yquem 1997, delicious, served at the end of the meal with a sort of pear clafoutis Mumu style and “hop”, time for bed to recover from jetlag.

Today, big work day to finalize, with my attorney and partner, a project to develop a sales entity and store in China, as I really believe in the potential of this market, well aware of the challenges we face.

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