Thursday, November 8, 2007

La Pointe has been sold

I read on the site of Mario ( Lots of changes are taking place in Pomerol! Changes in ownership taking place now or later like at La Violette, La Pointe, Vieux Château Bourgneuf (by Fayat and me), Ratouin, Vieux Maillet, etc… All these crus from this tiny appellation (less than 800 hectares) are able to fetch star prices, like Pétrus. The price of real-estate is way more expensive than the ratio profitability, price of bottle; the average value for one hectare is 1 million Euros, one hectare undervalued around 500,000 Euros and a well known Chateau 2 to 3 millions! There is no chance to see the price of wine from this appellation go down. In my opinion we are even lucky to drink good wine at a “normal” price.

La Commanderie de Mazeyres, which is sold between US$45 and US$50 at retail is positioned in the mid category of fine wines. The new label and our partner Cordier should help make it available around the world.


Shane said...
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Anonymous said...

Opps! Sorry I did not realise that my comments were going to be published on your Blog. I would be grateful therefore if you would take my last message down. I would like to contact you concerning wine. I think you have an private email address for me already and would be grateful if you would contact me. Many thanks, Shane

Christian said...

Dear Shane,
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