Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Useless for some, this mean of communication where I write about my life as a owner-negociant-consultant-wine lover, received 631 hits on October 31. Reading what I wrote that day, I see a little piece about the fire that broke-out above the macaroon shop in Saint Emilion, and more seriously about the ratings published in the Wine Advocate and given by David Schildnecht on the wines of the Languedoc-Roussillon. My project with Marie and Jean-Roger Calvet in the Roussillon was included in this review. I am very happy that some of the wines I produce and distribute were part of this article, even if our Maury and the wines from Jacques Montagné (Clos and Mas del Rey) were not included. I had this thought.

One of the paradoxes from the ratings of the Wine Advocate is often to help their readership to easily discover good wine, thanks to the credibility of Mr. Robert Parker and his associates, but unfortunately, also encourage owners or wholesalers to increase their price when receiving a good rating. In the Roussillon, it’s not like this; a well noted wine should not and will note increase in price, for there are no speculating collectors interested, only the confirmation for wine lovers for choosing the right wine or to confirm their opinion if they disagree, and to encourage true wine lovers to taste some of these wines. The rating has reached its objective: give information on a region still unknown without affecting the price. The proof is that the notes given to Calvet-Thunevin will not increase the price, and this is good news considering Bordeaux, Chateauneuf du Pape, Priorat and others. Constance, being well rated, confirms its good quality-price-ratio for the 2nd time, after 2004 and 2005, I have no doubt that the quality for 2006 will be close to 2002/2003/2004.

These notes won’t, of course, change the face of the wine world, it won’t prevent to acknowledge that Gauby and after him Bizeul, created a movement, open doors, create desire and especially help this beautiful region get rid of its complexes by their example and success. I am also in love with this region thanks to Jean Pla who introduced me to Marie and Jean-Roger Calvet and create my own story in this region. I should remind you that I was a student in woodcutting in the Ariège and that the closest beach is Argelès-sur-mer. I was 17/18 years old, with long or shaved hair (already a bit provocative!), full of dreams and cared more about women, partying, friends… Less by work. In any case, I feel the nostalgia of my youth for this region.

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