Friday, November 16, 2007

Bertrand Le Guern

Bertrand Le Guern posted statistics in la passion du vin:

He made some interesting discoveries following the release of the last books on the « world of wine » where he noticed that Rolland, Raynaud, Moueix didn’t get the best ratings from Robert Parker and that my clients and I somewhat well noted by la Revue du Vin de France and not as well by Robert Parker. I must particularly thank Alan Duran, Didier Romieux, Gault et Millau, Gavin Quinney, le Grand Jury Européen, Jean Luc Pouteau, Michel Pronay, Neal Martin (few!), Roger Levy, Tom Cannavan. And I must convince better, if possible, Dieter Mittler, Gute Weine, Lea & Sandeman, Mayfair Cellars, Panos Kakaviatos (I knew it ! good he is visiting soon), Peter Moser and the Wine Journal.
This is a good lesson for people who spend their time always criticizing and are never close to Parkers ratings, English wholesalers, even friends, who still don’t like my wines. The proof is there…

In the latest issue of Decanter, James Lawther, MW wrote a 4 pages article on garage wines with a nice picture of Michel Gracia and an overview on the garagist movement seen by English merchants (price, Parker, etc…)

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