Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I stopped by the office then went to Clément Pichon to talk to Christine, Laetitia, David about the future reorganization plans. The changes requested in order to improve the good functioning of this chateau have been going through some problems causing everyone to overwork, especially when you include the amount of extra work brought by the harvest, shipping of orders from the futures campaign and internal orders within the Groupe Fayat. Every time improvements need to be implemented, some human and financial factors need to be addressed and resolved. The investments in personnel and equipment are not always easy to implement, doubt being the reflex to changes.

Lunch at 1:30 pm at the Brasserie du Relais de Margaux, which is always full (I must point out that it is common in this area) with the nice settings of the golf course and not too expensive.

In the afternoon, meeting with our future partner to open stores in China. Our attorney, Joëlle was able to sort out our agreements, company, financing, etc…

We had dinner in a brasserie in Bordeaux, which I won’t name by charitable spirit (for the dishes were expensive and the food average).

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