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In the latest issue of Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, David Schildknecht wrote a nice series of comments and gave good notes to our wines from the Roussillon. Of course, a good number of wines were not rated as they have not yet been imported in the USA, therefore, were not being presented… But this is only the beginning for this region which has been ignored for a long time by many critics and buyers. This region is becoming the best potential of all French wine regions: Top terroirs, old vines and the creation of many new boutique wineries.

Our friends have also been getting good notes, it makes a base to build on. I am certain that this region will keep getting underrated as long as it doesn’t become commercially successful. Success brings success. I would like to thank our private and business customers who believed in us. I am proud of the progress made with my partners since 2001 and I am certain that within 3 years, everyone will recognize that the Roussillon is capable of producing wines able to compete with the great wines of Spain or the Rhone, California…
For your information, here are the notes, for what its worth:

2005 Calvet Thunevin Constance 90
2004 Calvet Thunevin Dentelles 91
2004Calvet Thunevin Hugo ??
2004 Calvet Thunevin Les 3 Marie 94
(The Maury has not yet been tasted)

I don’t understand his comment on the cuvée Hugo. It was most likely a bad bottle or maybe that this wine, a bit excessive, is not to his taste. But it is not important, except if he was right. Lets see in 10 years (it reminds me the comments written on Garage wines stating that they would not age well. It was in fact a comment written by the old guard of anti-Parker always active with tasters used to the old Bordeaux or Burgundy styles, defended by Broadbent and his cohorts, but a bit surprising here).


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Hi Jean-Luc,

Here's my tasting notes of Valandraud 2006-2005-2004, which you were so kind to let me taste at your office on Wednesday the 10th October:

2006 VALANDRAUD: This wine presented itself even better than in April 2007 (impression - "The powerful, beautifully shaped, nuanced and impeccably made Valandraud scored also 93p.). It has gained more richness and depth. High-class wine for the vintage. 94-95p. Tasted twice - last time in October 2007. Consistent notes.

2005 VALANDRAUD: Black red. Fabulous intensity on the nose of black cherries, blueberries and blackberries. Great intensity and concentration of sweet, pefectly ripe berries, and impressive fatness and length. This wine is real treat for wine-lovers and will give a pure enjoyment for a long, long time. Exceptional effort from Jean-Luc Thunevin. 97p.

2004 VALANDRAUD: Dark red. Intense and deep on the nose, flattering raspberries and blackcurrants, concentrated sweet fruit on the palate, splendid balance and long aftertaste. Really successful wine for the vintage. 93p. Tasted in October 2007.

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