Monday, July 2, 2012

New York’s chapter of the Commanderie de Bordeaux

Lunch for 13, my lucky number, at Valandraud, with some of the members of this famous branch of the Commanderie de Bordeaux and the opportunity to have a good meal with Bad Girl, Valandraud Blanc 2010, then, blind Valandraud red 2005 and 2005 kosher.

The "classic" Valandraud being much more powerful and tasting younger than the kosher which was softer and more mature. Most likely due to the difference of work done with the grapes during vinification. After, Thunevin-Calvet Hugo 2005 and our Maury 2004.

Previously, they tasted our 2011, along with Niko Dukan and his friends journalists. Later, it will be the turn of friends from Hong Kong who are in banking and the wine industry.

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