Monday, July 30, 2012

Cazal de Roques

Is a good alternative for Saint Emilion residents who want to drink a good and inexpensive wine (less than 30 euros on the table). Cazal de Roques 2000 Minervois is included on the lists of Clos du Roy and Tertre. The 2000 vintage was produced exclusively for us by the serious owners and the competent local consultant: Lucien Robert.

The 2002 vintage is also very good and we still have 8900 bottles in stock. This means that my sales reps and I have not spent much time promoting and selling this wine and its appellation. But the 2000 vintage, which is already sold-out, is just great, despite being 12 years old and aged in 100% new oak. Thank you Seguin Moreau, our exclusive barrel supplier which still supplies over 50% of the new barrels we purchase (almost 100% annually).

Talking about restaurants, I hardly go here in St Emilion, but I have been catching up. Last Friday, I had a very good lunch for 30 euros at l’Envers du Décor, with had a killer vanilla creme brulee. All the dishes were cooked with fresh produce, which is not so common and deserves to be emphasized. We finished the meal in style with Illy coffee, canelé and the famous macarons from Nadia Fermigier, seated in the shade of a beautiful tree in the courtyard terrace, away from the noise of Saint Emilion.

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