Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"I am proud of Dominique!"

It was the painter Monique Lauret Renard’s heartfelt comment to her husband, following Jacky Terrasson’s incredible concert. I recommend checking out her paintings of the Jurade.

Well Monique, we are also all proud of Dominique Renard’s time in Saint Emilion. These 4 days included international stars, I even knew: Earth Wind and Fire Experience, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Jacky Terrasson, Opus Jam (who stayed at Valandraud), etc… (Check the program) as well as more “elitist” artist. This showed that this 1st festival wants to become a reference considering its programming, with a blend of styles, music and audience. Including such popular artist like Earth Wind and Fire Experience who I used to play at the Takouk, the night-club I used to work at as a DJ on Saturdays and holidays during the 70s!

Included were well-known and popular artists as well as lesser known attracting purist jazz lovers. Performances were held in several venues, including the church which was packed (this will give ideas to the parish priest to fill his church ... He should ask the group Opus Jam to sing a few Sundays before mass ...)

All my friends loved it; this 1st festival will be hard to match, for it is up to par to those organized by a city the size of Bordeaux. Let me remind you that the commune of Saint Emilion has less than 3000 inhabitants and that less than 200 live in town! Some photos and links are available, but nothing expressing the noise and passion of the 1500 people in ecstasy in the moat of the Palais Cardinal, full of young and older audiences. There are no big concert-halls in Saint Emilion, so an outdoor venue is necessary, and these moats do the job, especially when the nice weather is contributing.

I have the feeling that Saint Emilion just moved up a gear, so, I am looking forward to next year!

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